What to Expect: First Visit

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by Debbi and Margaret who will guide you in filling out paperwork to help us understand both your health history and your current concerns.


You will have the opportunity to further explain your personal history and concerns in a private consultation with Dr. Rupert.  Having gained this important information, a decision is made whether to proceed with care or refer you to another health specialist.  There is never a fee charged for this consultation.


Physical examination will include height, weight, blood pressure, motion studies, orthopedic and neurological tests, as well as a complete spinal examination.  Dr. Rupert will be checking for muscle spasm, painful joints, swelling, tenderness, and lack of/or abnormal joint movement.


X-rays will be taken to properly assess your condition, letting us know if it is safe to proceed with treatment; eliminating guesswork, giving Dr. Rupert a clear "roadmap" for correction of your spinal problem; and making sure there is no pathology or hidden condition that could impact your treatment or indicate a need for referral.


After gathering all of your personal information, examination and x-ray findings, you will receive a detailed report from Dr. Rupert giving you his recommendations for care.  This will include treatment in our office as well as home instruction, possible limitations on your activities, nutritional advice and other information designed for you personally to help you get well sooner.  Any questions you may have will be given our full attention.

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