Omega-3 for Good Behavior

Omega-3 for Good Behavior

Omega-3 for Good Behavior

July 28, 2015

There is a lot of discussion about how proper nutrition can affect behavior, particularly with children. This study looked to see if “omega-3 supplementation over 6 months will reduce behavior problems in children both at the end of treatment and at 6 months post treatment.”

The study group consisted of children 8-16 years old divided into a treatment group and a placebo group. The treatment group children were given a “fruit drink containing 1 g/day of omega-3” with the placebo group drinking “the same fruit drink without omega-3.”

The results found “the treatment group showing long-term improvements in child behavior problems.” The authors concluded that the “findings provide initial evidence that omega-3 supplementation can produce sustained reductions in externalizing and internalizing behavior problems.”

Talk to your doctor of chiropractic to see if a healthier diet and nutritional supplements can make a difference in your child’s behavior.


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