Holiday Season Survival and Enjoyment

Holiday Season Survival and Enjoyment

Holiday Season Survival and Enjoyment

While many of us associate this time of year with celebrations, giving, family, friends and a time to simply enjoy yourself, just as many of us are familiar with the stress, indulgence, high expectations and traditions that aren’t always conducive to maintaining good health and wellness practices. If you suffer from chronic pain, if you’re watching your diet, trying to make healthy choices and minimize stress, the holiday season can be a conflicting time, during which you may have to make extra special efforts to find some balance and wellness.

That doesn’t mean you have to sit out on the festivities or carry an air of “Grinchiness”. The key to getting through and, even better, creating an enjoyable, healthy and memorable holiday season for you and your loved ones is to be aware, be prepared, and take care of yourself. Here are some tips for just about everyone.

If you suffer from chronic pain…

Whether it’s back pain, joint discomfort, or other pain condition that limits your physical ability, remind yourself that those limits don’t take a break for the holidays. If you need extra help around the house or with holiday errands, there’s no shame in asking for it. If you can’t hang the lights, do as much shopping, cooking, crafting, wrapping, and decorating as you could in previous years, be realistic about it. Remember, it’s probably a good idea to come in for an adjustment or treatment session earlier or more frequently than you would during other times of year. It’s also wise to visit at the end of the holidays and start the New Year off right. Being proactive about your care helps prepare your body for extra activity and helps you let go of tension and pain that could otherwise lead to additional injury or pain aggravation. If you suffer from chronic pain during the holidays, your treatments and pain management practices should still come first and foremost.

If you experience seasonal depression or anxiety…

If you’ll be alone or if you’ll be faced with situations that put you far out of your comfort zone, remember that these feelings are common for a lot of people and there are ways you can cope. If you feel depressed because you can’t be with people you want, a way to feel great is to reach out to others who will be happy to have your company. During the holidays, there are many opportunities to volunteer and help those less fortunate. If winter weather and darkness get you down, a brief walk during a sunny day can make a big difference. Outdoor exercise and vitamin D can help minimize the effects of this condition. Reducing caffeine and alcohol intake are also helpful at reducing impact. A therapeutic massage is an excellent way to relieve feelings of depression, anxiety and isolation. It makes a wonderful gift for yourself or just about anyone you care about.

If you’re making healthy choices…

If the holidays have an abundance of anything, it’s usually the least healthy food and beverages that you’ll encounter all year long. Winter comfort foods and traditional feasting favorites are part of the appeal for a lot of people, but if you’re staying on track or know you should be making better choices, the holiday season is a challenge. Enjoying smaller portions and sticking with fruits, veggies and homemade food rather than processed items are one method, but if you find you have trouble staying in control, this approach can be tricky. One way to avoid overeating during the holidays is to do some of the cooking. If you’ve spent most of the day preparing a dish or several in the kitchen, you’ll probably find you’re not as voracious when the actual mealtime rolls around. If you simply can’t say no, make sure you take a break from the intake and go for a walk, offer to help clean up, or do something to get in some physical activity. Starting off your New Year with a training program, detox or a manageable, nutritious diet is a great way to minimize the effects of seasonal indulgence.

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