Debunking Chiropractic Myths

Debunking Chiropractic Myths

Getting a chiropractic adjustment may look painful or scary. Some people are put off by the cracking of the spine. Others may be uncertain about alternative medicine treatments. There are many misconceptions about chiropractic that keep potential patients in pain, instead of seeking out treatment that will cure it.

MYTH: Chiropractic is painful

Chiropractic is a gentle and relatively painless treatment. Many patients report feeling immediate relief after an adjustment and prolonged relaxation for hours or sometimes days after an adjustment. For patients with severe and chronic pain, they may feel discomfort after the first few adjustments, but nothing compared to the pain they have been suffering prior to treatment.

MYTH: Chiropractic is dangerous.

The answer is a resounding NO. Chiropractic treatment is one of the safest therapies available. In fact, spinal manipulation is recommended by physicians as an alternative to addictive medicine and risky surgery.

MYTH: Chiropractors are not as qualified as a medical doctor.

Chiropractors are as well trained in the chiropractic field as medical doctors are in the medical field. Chiropractors are required to complete a demanding course of study and training. Their course of study is similar to the one taken by a medical doctor, but they do not study subjects like surgery and pharmacology. Chiropractors spend 2-4 years in an undergraduate program and 4-5 years of academic studies at a chiropractic college. The graduate studies consist of pathology, differential diagnosis, physiology, radiology, chiropractic adjustment techniques, biomechanics, and related illnesses. The chiropractor then must pass both state and national board exams.

MYTH: Chiropractic treatment is not affordable

Chiropractic treatment is affordable. Chiropractic services are covered under many health insurance plans.

If you consider the cost of physician and prescription co-payments and insurance plan annual deductibles, chiropractic treatment is low in comparison. If you opt for back surgery, you will spend ten times more and be out of commission for months while you recover. The lost wages alone make chiropractic the more cost effective alternative.

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