Chiropractic Treatment of Headache and Migraine Pain

Chiropractic Treatment of Headache and Migraine Pain

Chiropractic Treatment of Headache and Migraine Pain

Headaches and migraines can be extremely difficult to cope with, especially when attempting to treat them without knowing the cause.  Many individuals will struggle to minimize specific symptoms or modify their surroundings to reduce headache triggers, but to no avail. That’s because headaches and migraines are frequently due to underlying causes that are often misdiagnosed or unidentified. Chiropractic serves as a solution to the frustrating, disruptive and painful problem of chronic headaches and migraines.  This is accomplished by addressing pain where it commonly starts: the spine.

A combination of factors can contribute the underlying cause of headaches and migraines. Due to the weight of the cranium and the physical demands regularly placed upon the neck, a great deal of musculoskeletal strain can easily occur.  It’s not unusual for the upper vertebrae to become misaligned under very ordinary circumstances, such as a sudden stop in traffic or abrupt turn of the head.  Additionally, an accumulation of stress and tension can be stored in the neck, shoulders and upper back, as well as the jaw. This stress builds up and takes the form of reoccurring headaches and even severe migraines.

By addressing the neck and upper back as the true underlying cause of pain and sensitivity, chiropractic care has shown to help many headache and migraine sufferers reduce the severity, frequency and duration of their symptoms, if not totally eliminate them. Simple, effective and noninvasive adjustment methods can be used to realign the vertebrae of the neck and help it stay that way.  As nerve pressure is released, so too is tension, stress and strain that amount to headache and migraine pain.  This release also works to break a cycle of stress and frustration that would easily feed into problem.

Chiropractic care can also provide essential screenings and services that address other potential causes of migraine and headache pain, including nutritional or ergonomic issues. Guided stretches and therapeutic exercise can also be used for natural and lasting relief, and provides a practical and manageable solution that’s always accessible.  If your headache or migraine condition could have come about due to a pervious injury, such as whiplash, chiropractic can easily identify and treat such musculoskeletal and soft tissue injury, which subsequently relieves headaches and migraines.

While headache and migraine pain is common and tough to treat with conventional means, relief is possible through chiropractic. If you or someone you know has been suffering through reoccurring headache and migraine discomfort, arrange a chiropractic visit and learn how to gain freedom from daily pain.


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